Artistic Dance Center (ADC), was established in Doral, FL under the direction and vision of Elizabeth Acuña Nuevo and has become an independent institution focusing intensely on its mission of excellence in dance education. Ms. Elizabeth’s philosophy of teaching focused on instilling the value of hard work, discipline, commitment, tenacity, passion, dedication through a method of encouragement and tough love. It is through those teachings and experiences that she helped create strong, independent, and successful individuals.

Since its establishment in 2002, students have trained for professional careers in ballet and other dance forms. Students at ADC receive the opportunity to train with distinguished instructors and choreographers, as well as current and former dancers from major companies worldwide.

Sofia Arencibia (Ms. Sofia), ADC’s current Artistic Director, began her dance training with Elizabeth Acuña Nuevo over twenty years ago. She grew up at ADC and continued to follow her passion for dance. Ms. Sofia danced professionally and has been a classical ballet teacher and choreographer for the past seven years. During that time, she trained and prepared aspiring dancers for dance competitions and futures as professional ballet dancers. Ms. Sofia holds a Business Administration and Management bachelor’s degree. She is also the founder and director of Movement Miami, an at-school Creative Movement and Introduction to Dance Technique Program for children. 

Artistic Dance Center is not just a dance studio. It is a collaboration. Dedicated, passionate people who come together to make sure that our commitment to dance is upheld, and available to all who seek it. From our staff and artists and to our many volunteers, the ADC family works tirelessly to ensure that we stay true to our unique vision of quality dance education. The school does not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, gender, or religion in its admissions procedures.